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Throwing his hands at the piano at the age of seven Marios Papadopoulos- born in the town of Limassol, Cyprus- began his career as a musician as early as that. The piano was meant to be for his older sister, yet, soon enough his love for music unfolded and he began taking private piano lessons setting off for the musical journey of his life. The piano became his main instrument although being a self-taught player of the whistle, duduk, harmonica and the Turkish, ethnic woodwind instrument of ney as well.

Marios was at first, drawn into music by his father, who earned a degree in Byzantine music and sang church anthems from the age of fifteen. From as far as he remembers himself, Marios used to listen to his father practising at home and followed him to the Sunday mass exercising, ameliorating and acquainting his ear to the Byzantine sounds.

marios papadopoulos biography

In search of enriching his knowledge in the wider field of music, Marios began taking harmony, theory and fugue and counterpoint lessons along with the piano lessons. He began, in this way, constructing his career as a musician slowly and steadily investing on solid foundations for the future.

Marios seemed to be an exceptional child in music, “a natural talent”, as his teachers used to say and he moved on to higher grades, not corresponding to his early age, excelling in the piano and theory exams each year. His interest in music became more and more obvious when he entered high school, where he was given the opportunity to participate in the school orchestra, playing the piano, as well as participating in other choirs in his free time in the afternoons. What is more, at the age of sixteen, he composed music for a school performance. And this was his very first touch with film music.

Upon finishing high school, Marios had to serve in the army for two years, a period during which he had not lost contact with his musical orientation. He rather found his inspiration during this difficult time of his life to compose music and write the lyrics for an upcoming singer of his country, contracting with Universal Records Company in Greece (2004). The song became a success reaching the TOP 5 on the charts in a well-known radio channel of his country. Marios extended his influence in the music industry even further, by entering the field of composing music for advertisements on the radio at this time of his life.

After finishing the army, he continued to develop as a musician by studying musicology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he ultimately acquired his skills as a musician but also where he enhanced his knowledge over the study of music through the passage of centuries.

Marios’s enthusiasm and passion for music have driven him into a Master degree in Composition of Music for Film and Television at the University of Bristol in the UK. He was selected to be one of the six students accepted by the University for this Master and had the chance to meet experts in this field such us William Goodchild, Francis Shaw and Liz Purnell and be taught by them. In Bristol, he found his way to success as he composed the music for the new Aqua Vita showreel that stood out and was therefore, selected by the independent production company of Aqua Vita productions for use on the showreel and played on the company’s website.

Despite starting his music career as a songwriter, Marios has advanced his skills as a producer and arranger of pieces. His greatest advantage is his ability to slide between different genres and styles of music composing them with relative ease, exhibiting multiple faces in his compositions. Marios, specialises in composing film music as well as music for documentaries with action, drama and adventure music as well as music for trailers and soundtracks constituting his main areas of occupation and interest. Being an excellent user of technology, Marios composes his music in his own professional studio, manipulating it in every possible way to get the desired result.

As a composer, his music is enriched with ethnic elements which characterise it and give it strength, passion and identity among the other thousand composers of the 21st century. Perfectionism and passion, combined with a taste of determination and the dynamics of his music sum up Marios Papadopoulos, the musician and the composer.